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Experience better financial results, improved inpatient/outpatient care coordinationand more satisfied providers.
CodeHERO is a cloud-based, enterprise grade rounding solution for ambulatory and hospital
based specialty practices. It streamlines and optimizes clinical and billing workflows for
inpatient and other out-of- office patient encounters. CodeHERO customers experience
measurable improvements in financial results, care coordination efficiency, practice
productivity and provider/staff satisfaction.
• Prevents Revenue Leakage, Increases Revenue for Same Service
• Frees Providers and Billing Staff From Paper
• Shortens and Strengthens the Transition of Care Process
When providers come on shift their census is current and remains up-to- date. They know who they
need to see, what’s been going on with them, can quickly enter charges and effortlessly sign-out when
their shift is over.
When billing staff comes on shift the billing queue is already up-to- date and organized.
They know all patients that providers have seen in rounding and which charges to expect.
Their billing workflow is more predictable and easier to manage.
Features Include:
• Interoperability with your PM system and the hospitals where your practice rounds
• Relevant clinical documents integrated into patient lists and billing workflow
• Automated, centralized billing workflow
• Elimination and automation of repetitive manual administrative tasks
• Data Analytics. Establish and analyze performance benchmarks